Once a month isn’t too horrible for a blog, I guess.

I’ve added a link for my Book(s). I moved the links from my author page to there. I added the (s) because I’m determined to publish at least one book a year. Current work in progress is Aqua Vitae as I said before. I’m still very excited about that book and it’s also grown in to a three book series. Technically three novels and a novelette. At least that’s the plan. It makes me nervous, but I’m up to the challenge. Related to WIPs, I’ve added a page for those. There are two excerpts in addition to the first chapter of Aqua Vitae. I’m also working on a Links page because I’m still in the late 90s, early 00s and feel the need to link to things and people that mean a lot to me.

In other news, A Jinni’s Wish has grown. Because my brain is special, I got the idea for a prequel. Will it fly? Who knows? I’m also up for that challenge. It’ll be about a different jinni this time. If you’ve read it, and I hope you have, you’ll recognize him. When will I write it? I’m not sure. The way the ideas for it keep slapping me around, it might happen sooner rather than later.

Aqua Vitae first though.

In news of my health, that’s taken a funny, little turn. My heart is so excited about my writing career that it’s beating in anticipation of beating and giving me symptoms of palpitations, fatigue, and dizziness. Haven’t passed out since June though. Score!



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