Another Book Link! WIP News!

It’s been too long since I’ve updated. I had surgery and I’ve been recovering from that. I’m back to writing now though. I’m currently working on a series. The first book is called Aqua Vitae. It’s an Urban Fantasy about two biologists, Dr. Rhydian Jasper and Dr. James Sauveterre, who work as post docs by day and Divine Warriors for the Guardians by night. Their current assignment is to retrieve the world’s literal source of water from a group of rogue Guardians known as the Prophets. There are angels, daemons, magic, and sex!

I feel really good about this book too. I used to work in a Biology lab doing cancer research and that’s pretty much what my protagonists are doing too. It was eleven years ago, so I’ve forgotten damn near everything I learned back then, but as I write and relearn, things are coming back. I tried to make it contemporary, but it just wasn’t happening. There’s too much faerie blood in me to not write fantasy. My real last name has to do with elves. I was destined to write fantasy or some variation thereof. ^_^

All right. It’s time for me to start writing again. I took a break to get something to drink and to look up some things. I WILL try to post more often. Maybe I’ll post an excerpt of the current WIP next time.

Meanwhile, A Jinni’s Wish is doing really well at All Romance E-books. =D Here’s the link to that site.


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